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Since 2009, NPI Promotion (Newprojet Italia srl) has developed a distribution activity in the loyalty channel.

From the beginning we were driven by the desire to submit to the curiosity of our customers products that were certainly unconventional but surely able to arouse emotion in the final consumer; a fundamental element for the success of any promotional operation.

For this reason, we continuously search for exclusive brands and innovative products.



NPI Promotion’s primary activity is the distribution of selected brand items in support of promotional activities that include consumer loyalty operations, corporate events and projects for in-pack promotions.
In each product sector to which we have decided to devote our efforts, we first select manufacturer-partners who are first of all able to satisfy prerogatives that we consider absolutely essential.
Our partners are then assessed on the basis of the high reputation of the brand and products with a high quality profile, characterized by the highest possible usability and transverse appeal as regards gender and age. In addition, there is the guarantee of prompt delivery and impeccable before- and aftersales service in order to make the customer’s promotional activity a success..

Following these guidelines, NPI Promotion has signed distribution agreements with leading companies operating in specific product sectors in order to formulate specific and unique proposals for highly recognized brands and products in perfect harmony with the needs of each customer.

These are the areas of reference and brands distributed in the loyalty sector

Sport and outdoor activities
Style & Beauty


Newprojet Italia is the importer for Italy of the products of the Swiss company Geomagworld S.A. (https://www.geomagworld.com/en)
Geomag is the famous magnetic construction system that has developed different lines of toys suitable for all ages. Geomag products are 100% designed and manufactured in Switzerland.
The Geomagworld game systems, featuring the Magicube, Kor, Classic, Mechanics and ProL lines, are ideal prizes for classic prize operations and also for the development of Flow Pack Collection projects.

Newprojet Italia is the exclusive distributor of Nanoblock products (www.nanoblock.it) for Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece, both in terms of loyalty and traditional sales channels (toys, bookshops, gift shops, etc.).
Nanoblock is the construction system, developed in Japan, composed of micro bricks with which it is possible to create different collectible items. During the year, the Nanoblock range is enriched with new themes, expanding the concept of construction combined with design.
The modularity of the Nanoblock system also allows the development of ad hoc projects for promotional activities of customers who need the creation of logos or objects whose shape can make it possible to identify the company, the product or the concept to be promoted.

Digital distribution

NPI Promotion manages relations with the main e-commerce platforms on behalf of international brands.

From account opening to administrative management, from strategic product studies to logistics operations, NPI offers companies a “turn-key” service to be present on the main platforms in the most correct way and with all the characteristics necessary to sell their product.

The agency also accompanies the brand in its visibility actions through advertising initiatives aimed at enhancing the presence of the product on the web and thus improving sales performance.


In Italy, our work has been rewarded by the trust expressed by important companies operating in various fields such as banking services, petroleum companies, insurance services and large-scale retail food.



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